Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Perfect Dark (Xbox 360)

Perfect DarkThe Nintendo classic has been remade for XBLA, with hi-res textures and none of the slowdown that reportedly plagued the ambitious original. Joanna Dark is a near future secret agent with a cut-glass English accent whose missions take her into the depths of a conspiracy involving global corporations, warring aliens and artificial intelligences.

For those who haven't played the original, the shooting system takes a little getting used to – the trick is to let the intelligent sights find targets on their own – but once you have the hang of it the game becomes a smooth, sleek experience, one that's full of unexpected detail and rich with possibility.

On top of the single player levels, which grow in complexity and size as the skill level rises, there are game-changing cheats like slow motion or monkey mode, extra weapons, challenge levels, four-player split screen, online play, co-operative play and counter-operative play. For £6.80, this is ridiculously good value.

Perfect Dark, by Rare, for Xbox 360.

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