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Voting in the TQF Awards 2018 is now open. Vote here: https://tinyurl.com/tqfawards2018.

In 2017 we began running the TQF Awards, mainly as a way to stop Stephen getting too sad about not running the British Fantasy Awards any more, but also as a way to let him experiment with rules and voting methods in a way that wasn't possible with the BFAs.


The rules of the TQF Awards can be changed by the publisher of Theaker's Quarterly Fiction, but not during an awards cycle, only before it has begun or after it has completed.

The only items eligible for the TQF Awards are those reviewed in magazine issues published during the year preceding the awards (regardless of the item's publication date) or published in the magazine. Material cannot be submitted for consideration: submit it instead for review.

The categories of the awards are those that have appeared in the magazine's review section during the previous year, plus categories relating to the magazine itself.

 An issue whose publication was delayed into the following year can be included if it feels appropriate to do so.

A vote on all eligible items will take place, with people able to vote for as many items in each category as they like.

Ties in categories relating to items reviewed will be decided by (a) referring to our reviewers' star ratings (where available), (b) double-counting the votes of TQF contributors or (c) rolling a dice with a suitable number of sides.

And a tie in categories relating to the magazine itself will be decided by (a) discounting the votes of TQF contributors or (b) rolling a dice with a suitable number of sides.

The awards will take the form of something relatively cheap and easy to post. In 2017 it was a small ruler.

Previous winners

2017: The Brenda and Effie Mysteries: Spicy Tea and Sympathy, by Paul Magrs (Bafflegab Productions)

2017: Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe, by Thomas Ligotti (Penguin Classics)

2017: The Glorkian Warrior and the Mustache of Destiny, by James Kochalka (First Second)

2017: Captain America: Civil War, by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Marvel Entertainment et al.)

2017: Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition, by RedLynx (Ubisoft)

2017: It Follows: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, by Disasterpeace (Milan Records)

2017: Doctor Who, Season 9, by Steven Moffat and friends (BBC)

Issue of TQF
2017: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #56, edited by Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood

TQF cover art
2017: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #56, art by Howard Watts

Fiction from TQF
2017: The Policeman and the Silence, by Patrick Whittaker

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