Theaker's Quarterly Fiction

Our apologies: our web pages for issues 31 and before are currently offline, after the provider of our original, famously yellow website closed down. Our first step was to add direct links to all the available versions of each issue below, and next we'll start to add retro posts for those issues to this blog.


Collected Theaker's
  • Theaker's Quarterly Fiction: Year Four – print
  • Theaker's Quarterly Fiction: Year Three – print
  • Theaker's Quarterly Fiction: Year Two – print
  • Theaker's Quarterly Fiction: Year One – print
    Stephen compiled Shelflings, an irregular reviews ezine, for the British Fantasy Society from April 2012 to October 2015.
    BFS Journal / BFS Horizons
    Stephen produced five emergency issues of the BFS Journal and BFS Horizons for the British Fantasy Society (and has contributed to several other issues as a reviewer and interviewer):
    Dark Horizons
      Stephen began working on Dark Horizons for the British Fantasy Society in March 2008 and his last issue was published in September 2010.