Review policy


Email Feel free to send ebooks and pdfs without asking first. We're happy to receive pretty much anything you want to send us for review, though of course we can't promise to review everything.

What we review

Novels, novellas, single-author collections, multi-author anthologies, chapbooks, magazines, comics and graphic novels, audiobooks, audio plays, films, music, television programmes, videogames, and, basically, anything else with a fantastical element.

Genres covered

Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and related genres.

Preferred formats

We only really review ebooks now (epub or mobi is fine), except for comics and art books (best as pdfs). Fine to email book files or the download links to us without query. If you really want to post a print copy, email and we'll send you an address.

Self-published books

We don't mind being sent self-published books, but if they're more than a few hundred pages long we're unlikely to get around to reviewing them. A few other pointers.


It's only fair to mention that a handful of writers and publishers have been terribly unhappy with our reviews of their work. (A prime example.) We can be quite blunt.

Other advice

Black Static's book reviewer Peter Tennant has offered some excellent advice on submitting work for review. In particular check out points eight, nine and ten.


Our in-house reviewer is Stephen Theaker, with Douglas Ogurek and Jacob Edwards being our most regular contributors. Other writers to have contributed to the magazine's review section include Rafe McGregorHoward Watts, Steve Redwood and John Greenwood. We're keen to add more people to the team (and we'd really like to improve its gender balance). If you're interested get in touch.

Books received

There should be a Goodreads widget below showing a selection from the last hundred books we received for review. If there's one you'd fancy reviewing for us, and it hasn't been rated yet, get in touch via to ask about it. It won't always be possible (publishers often supply ebook/pdf versions on the strict understanding that they are for our own use only), but sometimes it will.


We would love to receive more books for review from female authors and editors:

Here's a chart showing the m/f balance of what we've reviewed since June 2015.

Most of what we're sent doesn't get reviewed (which is one reason we discourage sending print copies):

Plus, we tend to review more things we've bought than things sent in for review. Here's a chart showing the sources of our review copies: