Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Derai, by E.C. Tubb – reviewed

My rating of this book shows me to be a bit of a hypocrite… I recently criticised Chosen by Jerry Ibbotson for not bringing anything new to the table, and for being a little humourless, and then on Goodreads I gave this book four stars (and very nearly five) despite there being barely a single word or idea in it that was new to me, and certainly nothing that made me crack anything other than a wry smile.

The difference I guess is that this kind of space adventure is my absolute favourite kind of book, and E.C. Tubb nails it on the head. Everything the book does, it does with superb efficiency and skill. It reminds me of Jack Vance’s space adventures, and there is nothing I like to be reminded of more. Even if you’ve eaten a hundred chocolate biscuits before, the next one looks just as nice. This kind of stuff is my comfort food…

Derai (Dumarest of Terra #2), by E.C. Tubb, Arrow, pb, 188pp (1968).

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