Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The long chase is over – mission accomplished!

People who have been reading our magazine since the early days (I like to pretend there are one or two of you – allow a fool his vanity!) will surely know that our goal for much of that period has been to catch up with McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, issue 10 of which was the direct inspiration for Theaker's Quarterly Fiction.

Despite their head start, we were bi-monthly for a few years, and it looked like we would make it! But then I got tangled in the many tentacles of the British Fantasy Society, and we were forced to go quarterly again, ending up an issue short of our goal.

Catching up with McSweeney's was a silly, arbitrary goal, but sometimes silly goals can be just as helpful as sensible ones.

Checking my bookcase, and checking their website, it looks like both magazines are now on issue 37.

I really am very happy about this. Stupidly so. Wow.

Thanks to McSweeney's for inspiring our efforts at the beginning, and continuing to provide an inspiration ever since – but where the heck is issue 38? Pull your fingers out!


  1. Congratulations :-)

  2. Thanks! Now to catch up with Interzone. ;-)

  3. Win! I'm honoured to have been a part of the catch-up issue.

  4. Well done, it's a great achievement. I've actually been inspired by Theaker's to set up my own publication Alt Hist, publishing all types of historical fiction. Not sure if I stand a chance of catching up with you though!

  5. Thanks, David, Mark!

    Mark - we're always happy to run free ads in TQF for past contributors, so do drop me a line if you'd like an ad for Alt Hist in the next one.