Friday, 6 June 2014

The one I always give as a gift: Adventures in Oz by Eric Shanower #bookaday

Today's #bookaday asks us to pick a book we always give as a gift. This was an easy one for me: Eric Shanower's Adventures in Oz. We must have bought this book six or seven times by now, once for our kids and then the rest for nieces, nephews and the children's schoolfriends.

This has many of the attributes of a great book present: I've read it and know how brilliant it is; it's not terribly well-known in the UK so the chances are small that anyone will already have it; it has the heft of a proper present; it's very colourful; it goes down well with parents because it looks quite fancy; and if the child likes this it could be their gateway into lots of other books.

It's currently available in two chunks, as Little Adventures in Oz Book 1 and Little Adventures in Oz Book 2.

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