Tuesday 16 May 2006

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #9

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There's not enough room in this issue for a real editorial – we have far too much material to fit in! But in the little space we have [inside the magazine, that is] I would like to welcome John Greenwood, one of our consistent contributors, as co-editor, and congratulate Howard Phillips on actually completing a novel. More of His Nerves Extruded will appear next issue. Thanks to all readers and contributors! – SWT


Newton Braddell And His Inconclusive Researches Into the Unknown

  • The Bird-People of Kadaloor, by John Greenwood

The Saturation Point Saga: His Nerves Extruded, by Howard Phillips

  • The Beautiful Beautiful Palanquinettes
  • A Struggle to Breath
  • Ferry Worrying
  • We Fight Back. For Love, For Victory, For Honour!
  • Heist You Later
  • Action Is Mine!
  • Eggshell in the Void
  • Tears in Transit
  • First Steps on a Far-Off World
  • The Mantor Strikes!
  • Laugh While the Iron’s Hot!

Gertrude and the Thringrar

  • By Ranjna Theaker


  • Rescuer, by Steven Gilligan