Monday 5 March 2007

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #15

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The latest issue of Theaker's Quarterly Fiction is now out! Now you can get back on with your daily life, and stop waiting for the sirens to sing out: at last it's here, a month later than planned, but with more than ever to say!

In contrast to issue fourteen, which presented just one long tale, this issue has dozens of the things – well, one dozen, and another eleven, but that's still a lot of different ideas for one magazine! There was no room for an editorial, for news, or for reviews - it is packed to the rafters with sf, fantasy and horror!

This is one you can dip into whenever you have a spare minute or twenty, one to keep in your bag at work to keep you occupied during a break, or one to take on a long trip to keep you reading all the way.

With this issue we went all out, cramming as many stories as was typesettingly possible into the magazine. For full author credits see the key on page 40, but of especial note: this issue of TQF sees the long-awaited return of Ben Chadwick to the literary fray! – SWT

The Strange Story of Roland Parsimony ~ The Return of Jak Perceval: Death in the Darkness! ~ The Crumbling Time ~ Insight ~ Shadowplay ~ Zombie Beach Party Kids ~ In The Colony ~ Ice Age ~ Big Ben ~ New Dawn Fades ~ The Great Quatroon ~ The Secret Destination ~ The Wizard Who Chose to Wait ~ Wilderness ~ The Infinity Puppets ~ Glass ~ The Lodger ~ A Mistake At the Fancy Dress Shop ~ I Remember Nothing ~ The Rubber Plant ~ After All ~ Otherwise Detritus ~ Master Zangpan’s Resolution