We began publishing Theaker's Quarterly Fiction in 2004, and each year we try to make it a bit better. Its frequency has ranged from quarterly to bi-monthly and back to quarterly. The format was at first an A4 magazine, and after a spell at 6x9" it's now a 5x8" paperback, although the ebook versions are much more popular.

We think we're now the UK's second longest-running active sf/f fiction zine, behind Supernatural Tales (which began in 2001), and just ahead of The Future Fire (2005), Morpheus Tales (2009), Lovecraft's Disciples (2005), E'ch Pi El (2006), The Yellow Sign (2006), Strange Sorcery (2006), Cyäegha (2008) and Kzine (2011). But if you know of any others let us know.

After a while the review section of the magazine became increasingly important, giving rise to this blog. It's worth mentioning here that many of the items reviewed have been supplied by publishers and authors free of charge.

"We" are Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood, and we've been friends since our schooldays. If you want to get in touch, drop us a line via theakersquarterlyfiction@gmail.com.

There's a full index of the magazine on the ISFDB, an entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and a listing on Phil Stephensen-Payne's brilliant Galactic Central. Gareth Jones interviewed Stephen on his blog back in 2009: The Science of Fiction.

We'd like to publish more books, but don't really have the time. If you would like a review copy of any of the books we have published, please email and we'll send one.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice an anomaly on the blog: we started it in May 2010, but there are blog posts dating back much earlier. This is because we've backdated those reviews to the publication date of the issue in which they originally appeared.

Our original, infamously yellow Silver Age Books website has gone to the great digital dump in the sky.


"Utter twaddle, twaddle and more twaddle." – The Sword Man, Goodreads user

"Theaker's reign of terror has gone on far too long..." – Sue Dent, author

"the highly recommended Theaker’s Quarterly blog" – Peter Tennant

"Theaker's Quarterly Fiction is my favourite small press magazine, bar none. It does everything I'd want a small press 'zine to do, and does all of it really well." – David Tallerman

Here are some other publications to which Stephen has contributed.

And here is a selection of titles by or involving John and our contributors.