Friday 11 May 2012

Your morning cup of what the heck…?

Just received an email from someone offering to write for us:

"The good news is that I'd be able to offer my services at no charge; the only thing I would ask in return is that I'm able to include a link to a company within the article. Nothing adult or in bad taste, just one of the professional businesses for which I freelance."

She was kind enough to provide links to her work, letting us see who took her up on the offer, some of them even publishing the work under their own names (assuming that she's telling the truth).

See if you can spot the paid links…

What a world…!


  1. I should work some adverts into my next reviews:

    "The best thing about Zenith Lives is not the novella by Michael Moorcock, but rather the way it goes so well with a a pack of Tesco Chunky Chocolate Cookies and a lovely steaming mug of Cadbury Fair Trade Hot Chocolate."

    ‎"Lavie Tidhar's Cloud Permutations does not, as one might expect, concern itself with the rich variety of aromas produced by a cup of Douwe Egbert's Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee…"

  2. Well that gave me a laugh on a blustery grey morning before I'd had my Quaker Oats

  3. Thanks...! Here's how my review of your chapbook will now begin...

    "The protagonist of Cate Gardner's Nowhere Hall finds himself in dire need of a pair of Spontex Everyday Rubber Gloves and a Tesco Value All Purpose Cloths 10-pack when he enters a dusty, run-down building..."

  4. D'oh - just got yours, Cate! Nice one!

  5. "As I read Rhysop's Return by Rhys Hughes, I couldn't help wondering if it had been written on a Toshiba Satellite L850-162 15.6" Laptop, perhaps using Scrivener for Microsoft Windows 1.0. It was just that kind of book."