Saturday 4 August 2007

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #18

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The Ever-Expanding Magazine That Exists at the Centre of the Universe

You’ll have to excuse the long title – it helped to balance up the contents page! Makes little sense here on the web, but never mind.

I’m so glad to welcome you to another issue of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction – the rock just won’t stop! It’s been such a thrill for me to publish every issue of this magazine – especially the ones containing my own writings, of course! This issue, however, contains nothing I have written except this editorial and a single page of reviews. Even the news items this time around were produced by my marvellous co-editor, John Greenwood, who also took care of the illustrative duties. On one hand, I feel a bit sad – this is my domain, and all these authors are trespassers! On the other hand, I’m happy, because my little magazine is starting to grow up. Before long, I’m going to find it hard to justify including my own novels and stories, and will probably be forced to launch a new magazine. Maybe I could call it something like Theaker’s Own. That sounds pretty good, actually!

Anyway, there are a lot of stories to run through, so let’s get going. The issue kicks off with our lead story, the excellent “Ananke”, by Jeff Crook. It’s fantasy in the high style, and so very precisely what I was asking for when I asked for submissions along the lines of a Conan, Elric or Gotrek and Felix novella that it’s hard to believe Jeff isn’t looking to gain some kind of leverage over me.

“Winter’s Warm Blood” by Mark E Deloy is a horror story with an unusually warm, feminine side. In this story, success isn’t destroying the enemy, it’s protecting the child of a fellow woman, regardless of her species.

In contrast, “Live to Be Hunted” by Sean & Craig Davis is 100% masculine, a bruising tale of a bruiser being tailed. Who’s on his tail? Will he get any (tail)? Where's the beef? Right here!

Michael McNichols takes us to “Glimmerick”, where he tells a delicate and eccentric story of a survivor waiting for disaster to strike once more. Should he run, or face it with his new friends? Perhaps he should consult the magical tree of god for advice on the matter! That’s definitely what I would do!

Everyone has gone pirate-crazy these last few years, and Benjamin Sperduto is no exception. “La Tierra de la Sangre” takes us into a world where the evil, repressive English Navy uses sorcery to pursue pure-hearted pirates across the high seas. I’m not sure Benjamin realised TQF is an English magazine – and a law-abiding one at that! I’m rooting for the Navy!

In “The Tragical History of Weebly Pumrod, Witch Hunter”, Bruce Hesselbach delivers a cross-section of his world of Yxning, a world where magic leads to wonderment and annoyance in equal measure!

The After All of Michael Wyndham Thomas returns for its antepenultimate engagement. Try not to misread the sub-title!

At the end, I get very excited about the Transformers movie, but just before that, Newton Braddell continues his merry adventures with his maudlin friends! – SWT


The Ever-Expanding Magazine That Exists at the Centre of the Universe


For She Is the Anointed One! ~ Middle-Aged Scientists Come to Middle-Aged Conclusions! ~ Carrier Bag Decision Made by Birmingham Family at Wit’s End


Jeff Crook

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Winter’s Warm Blood

Mark E Deloy

Live to Be Hunted

Sean & Craig Davis


Michael McNichols

La Tierra de la Sangre

Benjamin Sperduto

Tales of Yxning

The Tragical History of Weebly Pumrod, Witch Hunter

Bruce Hesselbach

After All

Some Huge Great Shunt-Yard

Michael Wyndham Thomas

Newton Braddell And His Inconclusive Researches Into The Unknown

A Timid Poet

John Greenwood

The Quarterly Review

Transformers ~ Apex #10

Helen and Her Magic Cat

Steven Gilligan