Sunday 28 January 2007

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #14

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This New Year special of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction is devoted to a lengthy self-contained portion of Michael Wyndham Thomas’s journey into speculative fiction: Valiant Razalia. We were previously able to bring you the prologue to this tale six issues ago, in TQF#8, but if you didn’t catch it then, don’t worry – like literary quicksand – in a good way! – this is a tale that will suck you in wherever you set foot on it for the first time. Elsewhere, >Walt Brunston offers reviews of the latest in US telefantasy. – SWT


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J.K. Rowling in Time Travel Danger Warning! ~ Next Issue News ~ Where to Find Your Recommended Viewing

Valiant Razalia

The Stealthy Craving

Michael Wyndham Thomas

The Quarterly Review

Jericho ~ Heroes

The Back Cover

Helen and Her Magic Cat

Steven Gilligan

Monday 8 January 2007

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #13

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This issue we welcome new contributors and new ideas to the publication, as well as an uncanny host of parasitic lifeforms!

Walt Brunston is from Austin, Texas, home of independent cinema and, even more significantly, Ain’t It Cool News! For the last couple of issues Walt has been supplying us with the hilarious cartoon strip, Robots, in a Spaceship, as well as the occasional review of US television. If you have been concerned that he has been palming us off with the same Robots artwork for an issue or two, prepare to make some allowances, because in this issue he presents us with the beginning of what is sure to be seen as his first major work, his first adaptation of an episode from Space University Trent. (Work on this has left him with little time for anything else, but he has tried his best to meet all obligations, hence the shoddy recyling of artwork.)

Because of its patchy transmission record, we realise that many readers will be sadly unaware of this series at all – indeed, it seems to be a glaring omission in a number of encyclopedias of science fiction and tv, not to mention its baffling absence from many online reference sites – and so Walt has gone the extra mile to bring us through freshers’ week safely, providing both an episode guide and an introduction to this most unlucky of programmes.

Vicki Proserpine is something of a mystery to us, but we know this much: she is the writer of "Ellenore", a historical short story with a twist, based upon Benjamin Constant’s classic novel of misogyny, Adolphe. It isn’t the usual type of thing we publish, and all the better for it!

Just in case there isn’t room at the end of the editorial, I must of course welcome back an old friend – Newton Braddell, who is now well-established as our most frequent flyer!

Finally, I must talk briefly about the amazing discovery that has been made of a hitherto unsuspected collection of Silver Age Books, novels from all time and space, brought back from another dimension for your enjoyment, that you may savour what might have been. I give you, the Lost Classics of the Silver Age! Guaranteed to amaze and astonish! – SWT


Welcome to the Family


Possible Space University Revival? ~ Alien Beast Injures Galactic Philanthropist

Robots, in a spaceship

A Call to Metal Arms!

Walt Brunston

Space University Trent

An Introduction to the Show ~ Episode Guide ~ Hyperparasite (Episode 2x09)

Walt Brunston

Lost Classics of the Silver Age

The Mushrooms from Infinity

J.B. Greenwood


After Adolphe, by Benjamin Constant

Vicki Proserpine

Newton Braddell And His Inconclusive Researches Into The Unknown

Tyranny of the Fungal Overlord

John Greenwood

Helen and Her Magic Cat

Steven Gilligan