Wednesday 4 June 2008

Odd and the Frost Giants, Neil Gaiman

I enjoyed The Sandman, though I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of it. Since then, though, I’ve appreciated everything Neil Gaiman has been involved with more and more, from the Neverwhere tv series to his children’s books and his adult novel American Gods. He reminds me a bit of Damon Albarn, in that he seems to move from a brilliant success in one area to a brilliant success in another over and over again, through hard work and a lot of talent. This book continues the trend. It was specially written for World Book Day 2008, and, since I couldn’t persuade my daughter to spend her World Book Day voucher on it I had to buy it myself… It was well worth the pound, being a sweet little story about a half-Scottish Viking boy and his encounter with the gods.

Odd and the Frost Giants, Neil Gaiman, Bloomsbury, pb, 80pp.

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