Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Book launch: Port Winston Mulberry and The Sopranos Sonnets

Roz Goddard and Michael Wyndham Thomas (author of The Mercury Annual) are inviting everyone to the launch of their new poetry collections: The Sopranos Sonnets & Other Poems, and Port Winston Mulberry.

The event is on Thursday 15th July from 7.30pm - 9.00pm, at The Priory Rooms, Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF. Entry is free.

"Join us to celebrate the Launch of two brand new poetry collections from Nine Arches Press and Littlejohn & Bray, with readings from Roz Goddard and Michael Wyndham Thomas.
About Roz Goddard's The Sopranos Sonnets & Other Poems:
Roz Goddard's The Sopranos Sonnets & Other Poems is acutely observed, streetwise and bittersweet. At its heart are ten sonnet-portraits inspired by the television series about a dysfunctional mafia boss and his family. Among the cast of characters is Gloria, the hauntingly-seductive mistress with a built-in self-destruct button, and Leotardo, ready to murder at the drop of a letter…
This pamphlet will be available as a standard pamphlet, but also as a signed limited-edition pamphlet in a print run of 100 copies only.
About Michael Wyndham Thomas's latest poetry collection, Port Winston Mulberry from Littlejohn & Bray:
Mulberries was the name of the artificial harbours used for the D-Day landings in June, 1944. The title poem of the collection, Port Winston Mulberry highlights one of Michael Wyndham Thomas's abiding interests: giving voice to anonymous witnesses when history throws a fit. But this is just one strand in his latest collection. Reflections on how relationships are (or ought to be); observations of the passing human scene; the light and shade of memory; even commemorations of a father's lethal choice of van – all of these and more find voice in a collection as varied in mood and form as in subject. 'My dad drove vans,' declares the opening poem. Michael Wyndham Thomas drives in all directions and returns with much to report."

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