Monday, 20 December 2010

Received for review - Christmas edition!

Quite a good haul this week – I have to give the credit to Santa!

Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction: A Classic Doctor Who Novel

Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction, Nigel Robinson, read by William Russell (BBC/Audiogo, 4xCD, 200 mins), out on 06/01/11. I love listening to William Russell’s voice on these. Ian Chesterton’s always been one of my favourite characters from Doctor Who – he can’t go five minutes without getting into a scrap! William Russell is one of my favourite actors from the series, and The Edge of Destruction (also known as Inside the Spaceship) is one of my favourite stories. I don’t see this getting a bad review from us. Unless John writes it!

Doctor Who: The Jade Pyramid (Dr Who)

Doctor Who: The Jade Pyramid (BBC/Audiogo, 1xCD, 70 mins), out on 06/01/11. When you listen to Matt Smith’s voice on these CDs you realise just how perfectly Doctorish it is.

The Hammer

The Hammer, K.J. Parker (Orbit Books, c.328pp), out on 05/01/11. I received this one via, which is a very nifty service, where reviewers are able to request galleys from publishers. The publishers don’t have to say yes, but luckily with this one they did! The only downside with NetGalley is that the pdfs come with Adobe DRM, making them a bit more awkward than a regular pdf to read. Better than nothing, though, and one can understand why publishers require it. Thanks to Amanda Rutter for mentioning the service in her blog post on The Future of Publishing.

The Fallen Blade: Act One of the Assassini (The Vampire Assassin Trilogy)

The Fallen Blade, Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Orbit Books, c.368pp), out on 27/01/11. Another one from NetGalley.

Revenants: A Dream of New England

Revenants, Daniel Mills (Chomu Press, 274pp), out on 16/02/11. Another book from this exciting and very busy new publisher: this one's a novel set in 1689.

Outpost, Adam Baker (Hodder & Stoughton, 370pp), out on 14/04/11. The plot of this one sounds very similar to Conrad Williams’ British Fantasy Award-winning One: a man survives the apocalypse on an oil rig and then makes his way home. But then One sounded a lot like The Road when it was announced. It’s all in the detail!

What They Hear in the Dark, Gary McMahon (Spectral Press, 22pp), due out in January. The first chapbook in a new series which looks to be partly inspired by the recent success of Nightjar Press.

I Don't Want to Kill You, Dan Wells (Headline, 310pp), out on 13/01/11. I didn’t get around to the previous book in this series, Mr Monster – from the cover I thought it was a YA title – but it got a good review from Peter Tennant in Black Static so I’ll make a bigger effort to read this one.

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