Saturday, 11 December 2010

Received this week

Here are some of the nice things we've received for review this week…

Music For Another World

Music for Another World, ed. Mark Harding (Mutation Press, 5631ll). An interesting theme and a line-up of contributors that includes Aliette de Bodard (interviewed by Jenny Barber in Dark Horizons #57), Cyril Simsa (a contributor to Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #27), Andrew Hook (the editor of New Horizons for the BFS, and, going on recent reviews of Ponthe Oldenguine, a very exciting writer himself) and Jim Steel (who was in almost all my issues of Dark Horizons).

Come Here...and I'll Show You

Come Here and I'll Show You, Derek Lantin (Bangkok Books, c.179pp). A seventies-style sex and guns thriller, by the look of it. The word and is abbreviated to an' throughout – and not just in the dialogue – which puts me off a bit.

Doctor Who: Demon Quest: Starfall: A Multi-Voice Audio Original Starring Tom Baker #4

Doctor Who: Starfall (Demon Quest #4), Paul Magrs (BBC/Audiogo, 1xCD, 1hr10). I'm not keeping up with these very well, but they look terrific. Expect a splurge of Demon Quest reviews very soon.

Doctor Who: Sepulchre (Demon Quest #5), Paul Magrs (BBC/Audiogo, 1xCD, 1hr10). At this point the prodigious output of Paul Magrs accounts for about half of my to-be-reviewed list!

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