Friday, 24 April 2009

The Time Traders, Andre Norton

Time TradersThere are two novels in this volume. In the first, The Time Traders, time travellers go back to ancient Britain and find aliens there – or are they future humans? Exciting at times, but a little uninspired.

In the second, Galactic Derelict, the time travellers recover a spaceship from ten thousand years in the past, only for its pre-programmed flight to be launched once they return to the present day. It’s a fascinating idea – the worlds the ship takes them to are now long-abandoned, the buildings in ruins, the people reduced to living like animals.

It’s odd, though, that the time travellers say things like “We may never know the reason or answer to any questions about them”, clearly forgetting that they possess time travel technology that could be brought out to these abandoned worlds one day. But there are more books in the series – maybe that thought occurs to them later.

Like the first novel, Galactic Derelict has exciting moments, but suffers at times from a slight dullness.

Note that this entire book is available to download from the Baen Books free library.

The Time Traders, Andre Norton, Baen, pb, 448pp.

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