Tuesday 31 August 2010

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction 34 – terrible delays!

I'm really sorry for the lengthy delay in publishing issue 34 of our lovely magazine – and I can assure you that issue 34, when it finally sees the light of day, will be as lovely as any other!

The reason of course is that I got dragged kicking and screaming – or at least with a shrug of resignation – into handling the administration of FantasyCon 2010, and that has soaked up my weekends with little regard for any other projects I wanted to work on.

(If you haven't bought a ticket yet, get to it! Make sure issue 34's sacrifice wasn't in vain!)

But things are definitely going to run a little more smoothly from next month. David Howe is planning to take over as chair of the BFS, so that's one job off the list. I won't be involved in FantasyCon 2011, other than as an inebriated attendee, so that's another.

Once I get back from this year's FantasyCon I'll be finishing off Theaker's 34 and then rolling straight on to issue 35. John's been reading our submissions this year and he's picked some brilliant stuff for the next few issues. Thanks for your patience!

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