Saturday 1 February 2014

Theakerly plans for 2014

We’ve been a bit quiet on here since the beginning of the year, with just the one blog post so far, a review from Douglas, but don’t fear! We’re still here! I’ve been writing quite a bit, but most of it has gone into interminable BFS discussions of one kind or another.

So, what are our plans for this year of Theaker’s? Well, we aim to publish four quarterly issues of the magazine as usual, in March, June, September and December, or thereabouts. We will also publish, at long last, John’s novel The Hatchling in paperback and ebook.

I’m aiming once again to have a new review here on the blog each Monday (I managed that about 35 times in 2013). The Wednesday lists may or may not make a comeback. In truth, I rather resent them for attracting more hits than the reviews which require so much more work to produce!

The Theakerly thoughts will definitely return. They provide a useful and moderately healthy way to empty the rubbish from my head. Their absence over the last month has principally been down to the frequency with which my thoughts have been unpublishable.

On the reviews front, I’ve been asking publishers to take us off their mailing lists for print review copies. I hardly ever read print books these days and when I try they take me three or four times as long as they should, however good the books.

It’s a shame, because there are few feelings as pleasant as receiving a mystery book package in the post. But nice as that is, and grateful as I was to receive them, I think they were a drag on my reviewing and reading.

Let’s see how it goes. Whatever your plans for the year, I hope they come to fruition!

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  1. Just realised that our fourth issue this year will be issue fifty! I'll start making some special plans to celebrate.