Tuesday 7 September 2010

Dark Horizons #57

The new issue of Dark Horizons should be on its way out to members of the British Fantasy Society fairly soon. I'm very pleased with this one…

It features fiction:
  • Colonies, Jim Steel
  • Moonlight on the Northern Seas, Malcolm Laughton
  • The Other Side of Silence, Stephen Bacon
  • The Apocalypse Has Been Good to Us, Charlotte Bond
  • Resistance: a Love Story, Zachary Jernigan
And articles:
  • Mark Charan Newton, interviewed by Louise Morgan
  • The Sign of the Unicorn’s Head: the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, Mike Barrett
  • Aliette de Bodard, interviewed by Jenny Barber
  • Catastrophia: Allen Ashley, interviewed by Stephen Theaker
And poetry:
  • TWTMC, Allen Ashley
  • Pretty Little Things, and Blood Pearls, J.R. Salling
  • Folded in Darkness, Graylin Fox
  • Circe Poisoning the Sea, Sarah Doyle
  • The Giftshop Off the Multiverse, Ian Hunter
  • Younger Gods, Roy Gray
  • Witnessing’s End, Alessio Zanelli
  • Addendum, Rick Coonrod
And more illustrations than ever before, from:
  • Martin Hanford (who provides the stunning cover)
  • John Shanks
  • Inna Hansen
  • Alf Klosterman
  • David Bezzina
  • and Les Edwards (whose cover artwork for Catastrophia is included).
It's Christmas, your birthday and the time you found a ten pound note on the street, all wrapped up in one hundred and twelve pages…

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