Sunday, 2 January 2011

Black Static #20 – featuring Theaker!

My subscriber's copy of Black Static arrived in the post this week. There's fiction by Paul Meloy and Sarah Pinborough, Nate Southard, Norman Prentiss, Barbara A. Barnett and Ray Cluley; columns by Christopher Fowler, Stephen Volk and Mike O'Driscoll; film reviews by Tony Lee; book reviews by Peter Tennant; and art from Darren Winter, Ben Baldwin, Paul Milne, Rik Rawling and David Gentry.

I'm sure everyone will agree, though, that the undoubted highlight can be found on page 52, where I guest review Bob Lock's The Empathy Effect (reviewed for TQF here by John Greenwood – I liked it quite a bit more than John did).

I'm exceptionally proud to have a piece of writing in Black Static, which was a terrific magazine even before it added (temporarily) my distinctiveness to its own!

A year's joint subscription to Black Static and the equally brilliant (but so far Theakerless) Interzone costs just £40.


  1. I'm 'reliably' informed that the subscriber base has expanded since knowledge of your inclusion became public.

  2. That'll be my dad...

    Like your new blog. There goes the last reason anyone had to visit MySpace!