Saturday, 21 May 2011

BFS Journal #3 – coming soon

I'm not as involved with the BFS as I used to be – I went from doing eight or nine jobs for them to none in the space of six months (and by gum that made Mrs Theaker happy!) – but I'm still very excited about each new mailing.

The third issue of the BFS Journal has just been announced as coming out in late June. The line up, if you can't quite make it out on the cover, is as follows:

  • Chairman’s Chat by David J Howe
  • BFS News


  • Editorial by David A. Riley
  • Ramsey’s Rant by Ramsey Campbell
  • Book Reviews edited by Jan Edwards and Craig Lockley
  • Graphicky Quality edited by Jay Eales
  • Media Reviews edited by Mathew F. Riley
  • The Mark of Fear by Mark Morris
  • Profondo Probert Column 5 by John Llewellyn Probert
  • Mary Danby Interviewed


  • In The House of Answers by Allen Ashley
  • Grey Magic For Cat Lovers by Jan Edwards
  • The Sound Down By The Shore by Douglas J. Ogurek
  • Beached by Eric Boman
  • The Hawthorne Effect by Adrian Stumpp


  • Heaven & Helvetica by Gavin B. Nash
  • Late in the Day by Adam Walter
  • Mostly in Shadow: Lesser-known Writers of Weird Fiction, Part 2 by Mike Barrett
  • Ten Things We’re Going to Have to Live Without After the Apocalypse by Allen Ashley
  • The Pet Peeve by Rick Kleffel
  • Cellar by J.R. Salling
  • ‘Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite’ by Clint Smith
  • A Guttering of Flickers by Michael Kelly
  • The Secret in the Village of Dragonsbreath by Annie Neugebauer
  • The Last Dance of Humphrey Bear by James Brogden

I'm very glad to see the return of the Chairman's Chat and BFS News to the journal – I do think it's good to have something in the mailing that makes us feel like members of a society rather than just subscribers to a magazine. (Although I remember struggling to find the time to write the three Chats of my brief but glorious reign!)

I'm a big fan of all the columns, especially The Mark of Fear, and I'm really happy to see a story from TQF contributor Douglas Ogurek in there. Mike Barrett's articles are never anything less than fascinating.

I only had one review ready in time for issue two of the journal (a scintillating piece on cine-classic Death Race 2), but I sent in seven for this issue:

  • Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death (AudioGo)
  • Doctor Who: The Perpetual Bond (Big Finish)
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction (AudioGo)
  • Doctor Who: Cobwebs (Big Finish)
  • Altitude (film)
  • Shock Labyrinth 3D (film)
  • The Gift of Joy, Ian Whates (NewCon)

Not sure how many of them will have made it in – the current BFS chair is a big fan of Doctor Who (and a very distinguished one!) but other members might find their patience tested by so many reviews of Doctor Who audio adventures!

As ever, if you want to get hold of this issue, there's only one way: join the BFS!

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