Monday, 27 June 2011

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #37 - not yet ready!

This is what I get for being forward-thinking – and more than a little useless! A pre-loaded blog post popped up on here today to announce that the new issue of TQF was out today, but in fact I haven't quite finished my work on it yet.

I'd like to put the delay down to paid work taking a priority, and that is a part of it, but those of you on my Xbox friends list might well note in response how many achievements I've acquired in Borderlands over the last couple of weeks…

Fingers are crossed for next Monday. I just have to finish dealing with these mutant midget shotgunners!


  1. Ah, Borderlands. Then the delay is understood!
    Such a superbly realised game - I spent many weeks upgrading my Bloodwing, my Turret, farming for Eridian weapons only to discover my corrosive revolver was all I really needed.
    I can't wait for the follow up...

  2. You like it too - cool! I'm very fond of my HX2 Malevolent Stinger:

    Damage 43
    Accuracy 80
    +49% fire rate
    +73% recoil reduction
    2.4% zoom

    It's seen me through some tough battles!