Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Interzone and Black Static on Kindle (ft. Theaker)

Three Theaker-tastic magazines from TTA Press are now available on Kindle: Interzone 239, Interzone 240 and Black Static 27. Theaker-less issues are also available!

I joke, as usual, but you cannot imagine how proud I am to have written for these magazines. I first read Interzone when I was at school, long, long decades ago. Having my first review appear in there was the greatest writing achievement of my life so far.

In issue 239 I review Andy Remic's Theme Planet, and in issue 240 there's a Theaker double-bill, reviewing Jane Carver of Waar and The Not Yet by Nathan Long and Moira Crone respectively. In issue 27 of Black Static I review Alison Littlewood's A Cold Season.

The issues also feature fiction, reviews, interviews and columns from Lavie Tidhar, Elizabeth Bourne, Stephen Volk, Jim Steel, Suzanne Palmer, Peter Tennant, Stephen Bacon, Nick Lowe, Ray Cluley, Tony Lee and many more brilliant people.


  1. Congratulations, though you must forgive me for thinking that after Black Static, reviewing for Interzone is a consolation prize ;-)

  2. Well done indeed, Stephen. My first and only review for IZ was way back in issue 104, although co-written. I always loved IZ Friday meetings at the Mitre in Brighton.
    I'll be sure to read your reviews.

  3. Hey, John used to go to those - you might have met!

    Pete - Black Static came up on me suddenly, and I'd been dreaming of Interzone for ages! But given that no one else but you had *ever* written a book review for Black Static, yeah, that's gotta be the greater achievement, looked at objectively!

  4. Interesting! I remember Andrew Tidmarsh. I spent most of my time talking with him, discussing story ideas - there was Andy Robinson and IZ's graphic designer guy. Neil, and a couple of others that came semi-regularly - their names escape me. Fondest memory is Dave coming in late one night, clutching a Sainsburys carrier bag - containing his Hugo!