Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Book Addiction Test

Every so often I find myself faffing around online more than I'd like, and wonder whether it's a serious enough problem that I should do something about it.

So I took this Internet Addiction Test, on which I scored a disappointing 55. Looks like I don't have a debilitating psychological problem. I'm just a bit lonely after working at home for so long, and hence pitifully desperate for human contact.

Then I wondered, what would be my results if I took the same test, but replaced "internet" and "online" with "reading", "email" with "bookshelf", and so on?

I scored 76.

My book addiction is 21 points worse than my internet addiction!

Four points more and the test would have concluded that "[reading] is causing significant problems in your life"!

Try taking the Book Addiction Test.

How did you do?


  1. Hi Stephen. The link appears to be broken - I tried several times, but with no luck.
    Cheers, Howard. :)

  2. That's funny - tried it on a couple of different computers and browsers and it seems to be working. There's only one possible answer: your ISP doesn't want its customers to realise the extent of their internet addiction and so is blocking the page!

  3. Ha! Yes, that makes complete sense.
    The link worked a second time and I scored 39.
    Book addiction test next!