Thursday, 5 June 2014

Doesn't belong to me: Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia #bookaday

The Borough Press, a HarperCollins imprint, has started a daily meme asking people to name a book a day. You can see the full list of questions here. Not really worth writing a blog post about, but it's late, I'm a bit worn out after working very hard, and I don't want to break my writing streak, so an undemanding meme fits the bill very nicely.

Anyway, today's task is to name a book you possess but don't own. I've gone for Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell, which we bought for a little boy's birthday but he didn't invite classmates to his birthday party so it stayed here in my study. I feel a bit guilty whenever I look at it, though not so guilty that I'm going to give it up.

I haven't even looked at it yet, though that's partly because of all the heavy books that have been piled on top of it over the last year, including Ed Brubaker's Captain America Omnibus, The Target Book by David Howe, World Fantasy Convention 2013 (the souvenir hardback), The Art of McSweeney's, Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia by John Clute, Mark Waid's Fantastic Four Vol. 3, and a complete set of Panini Doctor Who collections.

I need to build a new bookcase.

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