Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Reminds me of someone I love: Little Miss Lorelei and Telzey Amberdon #bookaday

Today's #bookaday challenge is to find a book that reminds you of someone you love. Two books today, because I can't choose a book that reminds me of one daughter without choosing a book that reminds me of the other, or there will be hell to pay!

The first book here, Little Miss Lorelei, reminds me of my older daughter, which is hardly a surprise since I wrote and drew it as a present for her! Took an absolute age, because I sketched, then pencilled, then inked, then digitally coloured every page, but it was worth the effort. For obvious reasons this book has never been on sale, but you can help yourself to a free pdf copy if you want to laugh at my terrible drawings! (It's just a bit of fanfiction, but of course I'll take it down if the Roger Hargreaves estate or anyone owning the relevant trade marks or licenses asks me to.)

The other book I'm choosing is Telzey Amberdon by James H. Schmitz, which is where we found the name for our younger daughter. I was a bit unsure about using the name at first, because from one point of view the fictional Telzey becomes a bit dodgy, manipulating people's minds in a way you'd normally associate with a villain. But never mind. We took it on a playground test before making our final decision, taking our first daughter to the park and telling her that her name was Telzey for the hour to see if we would feel embarrassed about shouting it out. We did not, and the rest is Theaker family history.

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