Sunday, 22 June 2014

Out of print: Philip Jose Farmer conquiert l'univers #bookaday

Day 22 of #bookaday, and we're supposed to name a book that's out of print. This one probably is: Philip Jose Farmer conquiert l'univers by Francois Mottier.

I found this on a secondhand bookstall in Tourcoing, near Lille, while spending a year there as a teaching assistant. I was terrible at it. Never have so many pupils played so many games of hangman.

The idea here is that it's a tribute to PJF in the same way that PJF's Venus on the Half-Shell, published under the name Kilgore Trout, was a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut.

It's a bit like The Stone God Awakens mixed with To Your Scattered Bodies Go - a statue of Farmer is imbued with his spirit and dashes around the future having sexy adventures.

I don't remember much of it, as you can tell from that summary, and I've no idea if it was good or not. I probably skipped the hard words, because I hadn't been reading French books long in those days.

I always enjoy books with real authors as characters. See also Michael Bishop's Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas or Richard Lupoff's Lovecraft's Book. They have a weird and groovy vibe.

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