Sunday 1 January 2017

Vote in the Theaker's Quarterly Awards 2017!

Welcome to the inaugural THEAKER'S QUARTERLY AWARDS!

For the last four years, and a couple of other years a bit further back, I ran the British Fantasy Awards, which was absolutely fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. I stepped down last September, but I loved doing it, so to innoculate myself against volunteering to run any other awards, and also to give myself the chance to experiment with voting systems in a way that wasn't possible with the BFAs, I have decided to introduce our own Theaker's Quarterly awards.

The only items eligible are those that have been reviewed in our pages (regardless of when they were published – and whether we liked them!), and the only categories are those that have appeared in the Quarterly Review, plus three about our own magazine: best story, cover art and issue. Voting is open to everyone, and you can vote for as many items in each category as you want.

If you aren’t sure what to vote for, click the links below to be taken directly to our original reviews of each item. Voting will continue until March 1, with the winners being announced in issue fifty-nine, out that month.








TQF cover art

TQF fiction

TQF issues

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